Welcome to Vijaykumar Refractories & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Vijaykumar Refractories & Chemicals Pvt.Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of acid / alkali proof cements and allied products since the last four decades. Our corrosion resistant cements under the brand name "VIKOPROOF" are manufactured and marketed conforming to strict quality control and specifications as required by our valued customers. 
Apart from manufacturing, we are also one of the leading specialised applicators for carrying out following lining jobs:

Acid / Alkali proof Tiles / Brick Lining using conventional tiles and also using tiles like  ENDURA, PELICAN, etc
Epoxy Coatings in Tanks, shop floor walls, tank linings, etc
Epoxy coatings and Glass flake filled Epoxy / Vinyl Ester coatings in DMWT, etc
Epoxy Screed lining of varying thicknesses in DM plant tanks, acid / alkali 
storage-areas ETM tanks, process floor, Water treatment plants etc.
Epoxy Self Level flooring (SLF) in pharmaceutical, power, automobile,
textile industries for seamless and aesthetic floorings with colour shades of choice
PU coatings - water based and solvent based, for wall coating /
PU Screed lining and  Epoxy PU Self levelled floorings
PPGL linings in chemical storage areas, tanks etc.
FRP Linings

We have an excellent track record in sales and customer service during our long years of business with an extensive clientele including multinationals in the various industrial sectors. We request you to send us your 'Valued Enquiries' so that we can establish a friendly and profitable relationship for years to come.

VIKOPROOF Silicate Cements
VIKOPROOF Resin Cements
VIKOPROOF Hot Pour Cement
VIKOPROOF - SD Sodium Silicate Cement VIKOPROOF - SD is a two part mortar, consisting of a powder filler and a liquid binder. The cement powder is to be mixed with a special sodium water glass solution. The cement mortar is suitable to resistance against hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, VIKOPROOF - PF Phenolic Resin Cement This is a phenol formaldehyde resin based cement and is resistant to non-oxidising inorganic and organic acids (i.e.) Hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid ( upto 70% con), Phosphoric acid, dilute acetic acid. VIKOPROOF - S SULPHUR Cement 
It is plasticized sulphur cement supplied in ingots. This is heated and the molten cement is used as bedding and jointing of tiles by pouring.
VIKOSEAL-AR Bitumen Primer : 
This is the most commonly used and most economical primer based on bitumen as the base compound. This is a single pack compound system and when applied dries at room temperature. The primer is manufactured conforming to IS 158.