All the products under this category find vast usage in the pharmaceutical, food industry and in hospitals, operation theatres, where as a high degree of dust free atmosphere and cleanliness is to be maintained.


It is a 2 pack solvent free system suitably pigmented as desired and can be applied on walls.


It is single pack PU wall coating system and is to be applied after mixing with only recommended quantity of water on walls which gives a uniform matte finish surface. The finished surface is very hard and highly sterile and can be washed with water.This system is anti-gungal and highly recommended as coating in walls requiring anti-fungal & anti-dust.


This is a 3 pack coal tar based epoxy resin hardener system recommended for coating in water storage tanks weak acid & alkali resistant.

Floor & Wall Screed Systems

We offer Floor and Wall screed Systems. Our range of Floor and Wall screed Systems is available with following features and Specifications:

Epoxy Screed :
These are standard 3 pack system and used for light & heavy duty application in floors and linking in tanks, chemical storage rooms etc. The system mixed in proper proportion can be applied as seamless screed from 3 mm. to 10 mm.
Coal Tar Epoxy Screed :
A special variant of epoxy screed system incorporated with coal tar is available which is used for application in storage water tanks, tank foundation etc.
FRP Lining :
These are isophthalic & vinyl ester resin based systems which is available as a 4 pack system and recommended for lining in tank foundations, MS/RCC Reaction vessels.

Cement Inter Liners

VIKOSEAL – AR Mastic Compound
This is the most commonly used and economical interlinear membrane which is supplied with “VIKOSEAL” Primer (Conforming to IS 158) to be applied prior to mastic. It can be laid in Situ and needs no rolling compaction. It can be laid in a short time and requires about to 4 to 6 hrs. curing. Furthermore, It is a highly resilient material which is odorless, non toxic, rust proof, dust and damp proof. It is heated in a cooker at site and leveled with a trowel to a thickness of 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, or 25mm, depending on area of usage.
Epoxy Monolithic Flooring
Epoxy flooring compound based on Vikoproo f- EP formulations is a resinous monolithic overlay which exhibits outstanding resistance to both wear and corrosion. It is installed in about 200 microns, to 2mm thick layer beneath the tiles, Since a very little weight is added, monolithic flooring compound. is also especially well suited for resurfacing existing concrete floor or repairing damaged areas.

Floor Coatings

We have excellent Floor Coatings System based on Epoxy / PU & FRP resins which can be applied in floors. These are specially pigmented & Formulated systems and recommended for light applications. This has good corrosion resistant.

Floor Self Levelling Systems


These are tailor made 3 pack system suitable of pigmented as per choice and used for monolithic, seamless flooring, required for lining in chemical storage rooms, clean room, sterile areas in hospitals, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and automobile industry. The flooring gets a light glossy finish and can be easily mopped without losing any sheen. It can be supplied in excellent and attractive colours. We can achieve a thickness from 500 micons upto 5mm. This system has excellent adhesion and highly abrasion resistant. It is not recommended for usage when exposed to direct sunlight.


It is similar to Epoxy SL system but based on PU.The only different is that gives a matt finish as compared to epoxy system. It is highly scratch resistant and highly recommeded for floor exposed to sunlight.

Tank Lining

This is a new generation specially formulated product. The advantage of the product is that the glass flakes are already incorporated and suspended in the epoxy resin and the filled resin mixed with hardner can be directly applied over the tanks wall & floors in a single application. Handling is very simple. A single coat gives a very high floor thickness of 500 microns as compared to thickness achieved with basic epoxy coating which gives only 75-100 microns per coat. The glass flakes are so suspended that a uniform layer is achived in each coat. The glass flakes are so suspended that uniform layer is achieved in each coat. Application is recommend to be carried out with aireless spray machines. The product is to be stored in cold condition. This is highly recommended for lining inside DM water tank and other MS tanks.

This is same as mentioned above but instead of Epoxy resin, Vinyl ester resin is used.