VIKOPROOF Resin Cements

VIKOPROOF Resin Cements

VIKOPROOF - FUR Furan Resin Cement 
This is a pure furfuryl alcohol based resin cement resistant to both acids, alkalis and most of the solvents. The shrinkage on setting and hardening is less than 1%. It does not resist attack by HNO3, Conc. H2SO4, aniline, monochloroacetic acid & caustic soda. It can withstand temperature upto 1500C. It can withstand alternate action of acids and alkalies. A speical carbon filled variety exists to resist Hydrofluoric Acid (HF)

VIKOPROOF - EP Epoxy Resin Cement  
This is a 3 part system consisting of a resin, hardner and inert filler. It provides a tough adhesion to acid resistant bricks and therefore
used for fixing tiles or as joint filler between tiles. It has excellent resistant to caustic soda, caustic Potash and other alkalis. It is also
resistant to certain acids and solvents. It can withstand temperature upto 800C.

VIKOPROOF - EP Epoxy Resin Cement is highly recommended for usage in food and pharmaceutical industries.

VIKOPROOF - CN Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Cement : 
VIKOPROOF - CN is a chemical resistant mortar having resistance to wide range of acids and alkalis except solvents. It is used for bedding
and jointing of acid proof tiles / bricks. It is a two component system consisting of powder and resin binder to be mixed in the ratio of 3:1 respectively. The cement sets slowly by chemical reaction and forms a non porous plastic chemical resistant mortar. It can also withstand
dilute nitric acid and chromic acid.

VIKOPROOF - H is a Polyester / Vinyl ester resin based cement and is a three part system consisting of liquid resin, hardner / accelerator and inert filler.

This system is recommended to resist chlorine, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite as encountered in paper and pulp industry and can also resist mineral acids upto 60% concentration caustic alkalis ( upto 15%) and many solvents. Maximum temperature resistance is 1000C